Four Steps to Redemption

In the Book of Amos, it says that when the Lord promises to restore Israel, He promises to plant olives trees in the Land that will “nevermore be uprooted from the soil” (Amos: 9:15). To take part in actualizing this prophecy, many people around the world purchase olive trees in Israel to speed up the coming of the Messianic era, and a new project is helping them in this endeavor.

Own the Holy Land takes the idea of planting the Land of Israel four steps further by enabling those living abroad to establish a connection to the Holy Land by purchasing four Biblical amot (cubits) of agricultural land in the State of Israel. The land will be used to plant olive trees and grow spelt, the latter which is intended to be harvested to make Passover matzah. Four amot are the equivalent of about five-feet-squared.


Source: Four Steps to Redemption


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