The truth about JFK’s assassination is about to come out

The truth about JFK’s assassination is about to come out — here’s what it .

President John F. Kennedy and his wife Jackie on the day of his assassination.
Federal law has dictated that the final Kennedy assassination files must be released by October 26th and President Trump, the only person who can stop the release, has said he will allow them into the public record.

What will be in the files that are released? It won’t be Trump’s claim during the campaign that Senator Ted Cruz’s father was involved!

The main new evidence will focus on the motives and movements of the assassin Lee Harvey Oswald.

The files will likely reveal that the CIA made a huge error in not shadowing every move Oswald made abroad and when back in America in conjunction with the FBI.

The key unknown involves a trip to Mexico in late September two months before the assassination.

Among the people that Oswald met in Mexico was a KGB assassination expert who was posing as a diplomat whose role has never been disclosed.

It is known Oswald went there apparently to defect to Russia where his wife was from or go to Cuba. But something made him change his mind.

Did the KGB set him up to assassinate Kennedy?

The CIA had him under constant surveillance in Mexico and tracked his
meetings at the Soviet embassy with top Cuban and Russian officials.

Apparently The CIA might even have a tape of Oswald, who was incensed at American efforts to depose Castro, promising to kill Kennedy for revenge.

The tapes could also reveal that Oswald was a bona fide Cuban agent from as far back as 1959, when he was working on a military base in Southern California.

Oswald apparently boasted about his contacts to a fellow Marine whose evidence was dismissed.

Somehow the CIA/FBI failed to pick up that Oswald had ordered a mail-order rifle and that he was in the Dallas area with the president expected. There was obviously no surveillance leading up the dreadful events of November 22, 1963. Some have claimed that was a deliberate move by rogue CIA agents but that has never been proven.

The CIA seem rightly, very nervous about the contents of the remaining files and may ask President Trump to hold back some documents.

The hope is of course that the tapes and papers will lead to a much clearer sense of why the CIA never monitored Oswald when JFK was in Dallas. It seems like an incredible overnight and it led to the death of a president.

The truth about Kennedy’s death is that the Cubans and Russians wanted it to happen because of JFK’s hatred of Castro. Oswald was the willing patsy but the CIA should have intercepted him.

Source: The truth about JFK’s assassination is about to come out


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