TEACHABLE MOMENT/ by Dr. French B. Harmon

French B Harmon

Last night I watched a passionate local high basketball game. I grew-up in Ashland so going to the Sweet Sixteen (32) and winning state/national basketball championships (5) was expected. Being part of a competitive atmosphere is just part of game. No big deal. However…

THE BIG MOMENT. Two young ladies were recognized last night for battling, and by God’s grace, overcoming cancer! I stood each time they were acknowledged. What a great tribute to the human spirit. However, by and large the folks in the stands were generally unmoved. A polite applause.

SERMON. I love athletics. I can be as passionate as the next fan. But the biggest moment last night was when those two sweet “cancer-free” girls were recognized. Life restored. IMO—That’s when both sides should have erupted and cheered the loudest!!

We scream and fuss over high school plays and amateur referees. We puff about a victory or two. But when you are walking through the valley of the shadow of death it takes big-league courage—-

1. Those two girls can teach us how to fight in a real struggle.
2. Those girls can teach us how to play with pain that won’t quickly subside.
3. Those girls can teach us about the lonely road to success.
4. Those girls can teach us what it tastes to really win in the game of life!!

Two girls are alive today and we should celebrate. I am thankful for modern medicine, great research, tremendous doctors/specialists and of course the power of prayer. My Hat is off to those two champions I saw last night!!


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