Warning Prophecy: The Lord Will Now Expose the Sons of Samuel — Charisma News

We are in a pivotal moment in the day of modern apostolic and prophetic ministry. We have embraced the idea that God is not through with apostles and prophets, yet we have devalued the importance and value of the pastor, evangelist and teacher. We have become obsessed with the next great prophetic release, but failing daily to cultivate the last 15 words released over our lives.Driven by social media, popularity, attention and self-gratification, we seldom see leaders demonstrate humility and holy, reverent fear of the Lord. There is a line that is quickly emerging in the body of Christ that is rightly dividing the Word of truth. Eager to be called out by name, address, family members and more, we have more anticipation for a quick-fix word than we do in the foundation of the promises of the Lord found in His Word. We went from super-star TV ministers to men and women who can’t seem to bring the word of the Lord without an entourage protecting the man or woman speaking. Rarely are we witnessing apostles who walk in humility, and instead we see those who give more attention to their stage appearance attire. We are cultivating a generation that knows more about hashtags than it does the Word itself. Many today refuse to walk in the way of the Lord because they need to remain on the fence of doctrine so that they can gain influence among those who embrace biblical error.

Source: Warning Prophecy: The Lord Will Now Expose the Sons of Samuel — Charisma News


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