Revolutionary Guards commander: Iran has encircled Israel from all sides

“If Israel makes a strategic mistake, it has to collect bits and pieces of Tel Aviv from the lower depths of the Mediterranean Sea,” IRGC Deputy Commander for Operations Abbas Nilforoushan said.


Saudi crown prince warns that war with Iran could collapse world economy

WASHINGTON – Saudi Arabia’s crown prince warned in an interview aired on Sunday that crude prices could spike to “unimaginably high numbers” if the world does not come together to deter Iran, but said he would prefer a political solution to a military one.

“If the world does not take a strong and firm action to deter Iran, we will see further escalations that will threaten world interests,” Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman told the CBS program “60 Minutes.”


GOP lawmaker blasts Trump for quoting pastor warning of civil war over impeachment

Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger (Ill.) on Sunday criticized President Trump for quoting a pastor saying impeachment could trigger a “Civil War like fracture” in the country.

I have visited nations ravaged by civil war,” Kinzinger tweeted.

“I have never imagined such a quote to be repeated by a President. This is beyond repugnant.”


Record-Smashing, Historic September Snowstorm Brings Up to 4 Feet of Snow, Blizzard Conditions to Northern Rockies

A historic September snowstorm blasted parts of the northern Rockies with heavy, wet snow and high winds, leading to power outages and tree damage, and was accompanied by record-cold temperatures for the end of September and early October.


McConnell reaffirms he has ‘no choice’: Senate will take up impeachment if it passes House

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said Monday that if the House impeaches President Trump he will “have no choice” but to hold a trial in the Senate and a vote on removing the president from office.

His comments in an interview with CNBC confirm the position he took in an interview with NPR in March, and the conclusion of a Senate staff memo that was obtained by HuffPost.

“Under the Senate rules we’re required to take it up if the House does go down that path, and we’ll follow the Senate rules,” McConnell said Monday. “It’s a Senate rule related to impeachment that would take 67 votes to change, so I would have no choice but to take it up. How long you’re on it is a whole different matter, but I would have no choice but to take it up based on a Senate rule on impeachment.”


Ukraine is just the latest ploy in ‘witch hunt’ to drive Trump from White House

It is ludicrous to argue that President Trump’s telephone conversation with Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky was an impeachable offense.

Trump had every right to ask Ukraine to cooperate or assist in an official Department of Justice investigation into the origins of the Russia “collusion” hoax. His request was pursuant to an official probe being conducted by U.S. Attorney John Durham and initiated by Attorney General William Barr. In fact, Ukraine is required to comply under a binding treaty with the U.S.

Ukraine is just the latest ploy in ‘witch hunt’ to drive Trump from White House


Andrew Cuomo Says Pelosi Caved to ‘Leftist’ Democrats, Impeachment Going ‘Nowhere

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s sudden lurch toward impeachment has been derided by New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo as the California Democrat caving in to leftists in the Democratic caucus.

“I think we now go to a very long and unproductive road,” said Cuomo, one of the top names in the Democratic Party, at a panel discussion Thursday at New Jersey’s Seton Hall Law School that was designed to focus upon political civility.

House Democrats have been demanding the start of a formal impeachment process for months, but Pelosi has been cool to those demands. Cuomo said last week’s change in her position was simply a sign that the pressure from the left was too great for her to resist.

Andrew Cuomo Says Pelosi Caved to ‘Leftist’ Democrats, Impeachment Going ‘Nowhere’


Pelosi Concedes Impeachment Could Cost Democrats in 2020

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said on Saturday that public opinion is now on the side of an impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump following the release of new information about his conversations with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy.