Tom Horn: What Christians Need to Know About Pope Francis’ Agenda for a One-World Government

Tom Horn of SkyWatch TV believes Pope Francis has a humanist agenda—and that it has significance regarding the end times.

“Even people in the Catholic Church are very concerned,” he says on The Jim Bakker Show.

Horn lists several headlines pertaining to the pope that he had seen within the last 10 days:

—”Pope Francis Endorses Essay Trashing U.S. Conservative Christians as Fake Believers and Hate Mongers”

—”One-World Abrahamic Family House Will Host Church, Mosque and Synagogue”

—”Pope Also Wants All Religions and Political Leaders to Sign a Globalist Pact for a New Humanism”

“People who watch this program can go Google everything I just said and find it for themselves. These are legitimate news sources. These are not pope-haters and secondary websites and fake news and all that.”

Watch the video to learn about the end-times chaos Horn says is approaching the United States.


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