Jesus Appears in Sky, Deters Woman from Committing Suicide

From homelessness to activism, Connie Spurlock-Walcott says art therapy and her faith were instrumental in her mental health recovery such that she now helps craft solutions to America’s homelessness crisis. She recalls standing on a bridge with the intent of committing suicide, when Jesus appeared to her.

“I just remember vividly; it was just so black and there is that shroud of death around me. I was ready to surrender to it. And I just remember the lifting of my head—very gentle. I looked up. And there was just a sliver of separation in the clouds, and I saw Jesus. I see His face. I saw His robe and His sash. I remember vividly putting my foot back down on the ground and turning around and walking back.”

Her dad left; her stepfather abused her; her low income led to bullying at school—and she stuffed it all down without getting the help she needed to heal, Spurlock-Walcott says on “The Thriving Christian Artist” podcast on the Charisma Podcast Network. Although she grew up in church and got saved when she was 8, she couldn’t find peace.


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