TRICK OR TREAT: Nancy Pelosi And The Democrats Ram Through First Formal Vote On Impeachment Of President As Witch Hunt Becomes Official

Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats celebrated the dark holiday of Halloween today by pushing through and successfully voting on passage of the first stage of ground rules for proceeding forward with the impeachment of President Trump. Things just got real. However divided this country was yesterday pales in comparison to the rift that was opened up today in Congress.

Why are the Democrats doing this? Because Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren or any of the other Democrats running for office in 2020 are incapable of beating Donald Trump in a fair, head to head fight. The Russian Dossier didn’t work, the Russian Collusion Hoax didn’t work, the Mueller Report didn’t work, 3 relentless year of the fake news media advocating on behalf of the Democrats in attempting to destroy Donald Trump didn’t work.

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