Alabama ISIS bride blocked from returning to US; judge rules ‘not a US citizen’

A federal judge ruled Thursday that an Alabama-born ISIS bride did not have valid U.S. citizenship, undercutting a key part of her efforts to return to the U.S. from Syria.

Hoda Muthana, 25, is the daughter of former Yemeni ambassador to the United Nations, Ahmed Ali Muthana. According to the National Review, Judge Reggie Walton ruled that because Hoda was born while her father only had diplomatic status in the U.S., his current U.S. citizenship does not extend to her.

The ruling defeated a citizenship claim that has been central to the ISIS brides bid to return to the U.S. after escaping ISIS and turning herself in to a Kurdish refugee camp in 2018. U.S. law prevents the children of foreign diplomats from obtaining birthright citizenship even after being born on American soil.

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