Chick-fil-A, Gay Mayor Pete, And The Openly Declared War Now Being Waged Against The Christian Church By The LGBTQ+P For Pedophile Movement

Make no mistake about it, this is a multi-front cultural, political and economic war against the God of Abraham, His Bible, against His Son Jesus Christ, and against His Church that He shed His own blood to create. Whenever you see the 6-color rainbow Pride Flag, just remember that you are looking at a battle flag under which LGBTQ+ soldiers are marching to war, and that war is on biblical Christianity and the King James Bible. They do not want tolerance, acceptance or equality, they want control and aim to take it by any means necessary. Wake up, church, you are drowning in a lukewarm Laodicean sea of apathy and ignorance, and have forgotten to honor your first love. Behold, He stands at the door knocking, answer it before it’s too late.

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