Will Coronavirus slow down in the warmer months like flu season?

It’s well known that the flu ebbs and flows with the weather each year. During the colder months, the virus strikes hard, infecting millions nationwide — but when spring rolls around, the illness begins to lose strength and flu activity subsides until the next cold season.

That’s because respiratory viruses like the flu are more powerful in cool, dry air. The colder temps allow them to multiply easier and spread faster. With spring right around the corner, many are wondering if — like the flu — coronavirus cases may dwindle with the warmer weather.

Around the world, infectious disease experts are hoping this will be the case, though it’s still too soon to know exactly how the novel coronavirus (known as COVID-19) will respond to the new season. Remember, we’ve never seen this virus before, and researchers are scrambling to figure out how this disease survives and spreads. Here’s what we know so far:

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