Media Spreads Rumors About VP Pence — Trump Fires Back

Vice President Mike Pence has been a tireless supporter of the Trump administration. Yet the left-wing media repeatedly claims Trump is going to replace him with someone else for 2020. During a town hall meeting last night, Trump addressed the rumors.

Is there anything the liberal media won’t make up about Trump? Ever since he entered office, we’ve watched a stream of nonsense come out of the mainstream media. Honestly, they’ve lied about this president so much, it’s hard to keep track.

Remember when they said he just sits around the White House in a bathrobe, watching TV? Yeah, when was that happening? And let’s not forget the three years they were certain he was a Russia puppet. There are still many Democrats who push that lie.

The media is so bad at their job, it’s rare that they ever have something accurate to say. Not long ago, a CNN reporter made this wild claim about the vice president.

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