Biden and Sanders Left Scramblng After New Poll From Iowa Released


During this election season, the media has put all their attention on the Democratic primary race. Since last summer, we’ve had to sit through endless debates and non-stop coverage. It seems the mainstream media thinks the Democratic nominee will be a shoe-in for the White House. But a new poll out of Iowa is reminding the left just what a hard time they will have in November.

The Democratic primary seems to have been going on forever. It started early last year, with over twenty candidates crowding for attention. The media and liberal establishment went back and forth over which candidate they really wanted. Until they settled on Joe Biden. Oh.

These last few weeks, we’ve seen the Democratic establishment throw all its weight behind the former vice president. It very well looks like a repeat of 2016, when a surging Bernie Sanders was undercut by Hillary Clinton. Will we see a similar turn of events by this summer? That could be the case as the rest of the primaries wrap up.

But a story the media refuses to report on is the record number of voters coming out to nominate Donald Trump. Normally an incumbent can count on getting enough votes to secure his nomination. In Trump’s case, huge numbers of voters are making their way to the voting booths to show their support. It a sign of the enthusiasm and momentum Trump supporters already have.

Now, a new poll out of Iowa is giving us a glimpse of how November just might look like.

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