Chuck Pierce Prophesied ‘Massive Plague-Like Invasion’ in September

Chuck Pierce (Facebook/Chuck Pierce)

Chuck Pierce Prophesied

The media is full of reports about the coronavirus. But they’re often from a political or scientific point of view. Few are choosing to view this pandemic from a prophetic perspective.

Thankfully, though, some are. I recently interviewed Shawn Bolz, who shared with me why he felt the Lord told him the end of the coronavirus is near. Prophet Chuck Pierce says God told him something similar. Back in September of 2019, he prophesied that the “nations would come into turmoil until Passover” (April 8-16).

Then, on Jan. 26, 2020, he gave a prophetic word that a “massive plague-like invasion would test us through Passover.” Cindy Jacobs gave a similar prophecy to Chuck on Jan. 3 regarding the first three months of this year. She told Chuck that he should be cautious about how much he travels.

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