Prophecy: Demonic Forces Are Attacking Global Church With Pandemic of Fear

fear-virusThe enemy is trying to keep God’s children in a state of constant fear. (Photo by Alexandra Gorn on Unsplash)

As I prepared to participate in the Global Day of Prayer called by Cindy Jacobs and many other respected leaders, I heard the Lord say that the tactic of the enemy against the global church right now is to knock the wind out of it via the spirit of fear.

He is trying to spread a pandemic of fear in the church of Jesus Christ. He knows that if he can blindside us with demonic fear, the fear of the Lord will be overtaken, and the doorway to wisdom on how to pray and decree against this thing will be closed. Understanding will be lost, and confusion will come.

The Lord then said that what the enemy is trying to do is grip the church with nosophobia.

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