Jesus Christ Chapel Worldwide Ministry Update

On this National Day of Prayer, certainly being mindful, and prayerful of the coronavirus plague, the Gospel message was preached at Jesus Christ Chapel today. During these perilous days of trauma we believe the Word of God should continue to be preached, and the message of hope spread to a spiritually dying world, and communities.
Jesus came into the world died on the cross, buried, and resurrected to fulfill all righteousness as an example for us. He took on the sins of the world to usher true believers, and all those who receive Him as Personal Savior, into a Spirit filled life with Him.
We continue to reach out to those who receive this message of hope. As well, we soon hope to have upgraded technology with video of messages posted on facebook for viewing around the world. To donate into this Ministry to help spread the Gospel message please do so at the link below:…

May the Grace of God be with you always!
-Bishop Cornelius Duncan


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