The Coronavirus Outbreak Shows Clearly That President Trump Was Right All Along About Borders, Trade And Most Of All, He Was Right About China

Even when he was only a candidate for president, Donald Trump hammered home the fact that the United States was too dependent on China in deals that were good for the Chinese and bad for America. He warned against being overly-dependent on the Communist regime for our medicines, as well as other goods and services. Candidate Trump also warned against the catastrophe that waited for a United States who had no control over their borders. In one fell swoop, the COVID-19 coronavirus proved Donald Trump to be right on all of it, and then some.

As I write this, there are roughly 5,359 cases of coronavirus in the United States, or 0.001% of the population infected. Compared to the vast majority of other countries that is a very low rate of infection. One reason for this is President Trump’s border policies for restricting travel and access of people we cannot verify as safe to enter our borders. The Liberals have pilloried him mercilessly for doing it, but they should instead be thanking him as it has kept much of the current pandemic away from us.

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