40 members of Pulaski County church under quarantine



PULASKI CO., Ky. (WKYT) – Pulaski County officials say it was only a matter of time before the county saw its first case of coronavirus.

Shawn Crabtree with the Lake Cumberland District Health Department says the confirmed case comes from a 59-year-old woman.

“Very likely what happened with this lady is that she felt well, went to church, didn’t know there was a problem. A day or two later, there is a problem and you’ve spread the virus,” Crabtree said.

All 40 members of her church are now under quarantine.

The department says another 48-year-old woman has tested presumptive positive. Crabtree believes she became affected by going to a conference in California.

Meanwhile, nurses across the country worry they aren’t equipped to stay protected from COVID-19.

Complaints of not enough masks or suites.

Robert Parker, the CEO of Lake Cumberland Regional Hospital, says while no COVID-19 patients are being treated inside his hospital as of now, they plan to be ready and keeping staff protected.

“We’ve tried to do estimations in what surge we might have if this thing takes a different pace here at Lake Cumberland Regional Hospital,” Parker said. “At this time, we have what we need. Now, obviously the situation could change, but I can reassure our community that we have the equipment that we need in this moment in time to take care of our community.”

Health officials say they are now working to track where those two women went, hoping this spread will not see large county-wide effects.

Lake Cumberland Regional hospital has also since instituted a strict visitor policy with visions only limited and confined to certain units.

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