UFOs on the Moon. March 26, 2020 (MUST WATCH!)

The large crater they go over is Endymion (125 km diameter).

By roughly measuring the major and minor axis, the crater appears to be 70 degrees from center (0 degrees would be a view directly overhead the crater).

On 26 Mar, the moon was a waxing crescent with ~4% illumination

I suppose the next step would be to calculate the sun angle in order to get more precise measurements of speed.

The middle object travels further than expected before disappearing into the terminator. This could be explained by it being at a higher altitude than the others.

The image is right-side up. If you were looking through a telescope, the image would be flipped. Either the camera is mounted upside down or it was flipped post. But to a photographer, why would they care? The moon would still look like the moon. The untrained observer wouldn’t care. But, if I were creating this with a computer, I would probably start with an image of the moon that was right-side up and not think of flipping it to match what you’d see through a telescope.


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