Kentucky Legislature Votes to Give Attorney General the Power to Shut Down Abortion Clinics

The Kentucky legislature approved a pro-life measure Wednesday to give state Attorney General Daniel Cameron (pictured) the power to shut down abortion facilities and save more lives during the coronavirus pandemic.

Cameron, a pro-life Republican, recently urged state health authorities to hold abortion facilities accountable to a state ban on elective medical procedures during the health crisis. However, Gov. Andy Beshear is a pro-abortion Democrat, and he has not stopped abortions in the state.

WVXU reports Kentucky lawmakers voted to expand Cameron’s powers so that he can close abortion facilities that refuse to comply with the health restrictions. Currently, that power rests with the state health cabinet. The bill also defines most abortions as elective procedures.

“If [the governor] would actually step up and do the job he’s been elected to do and enforce his own order, we wouldn’t have to put this language in this bill,” said state Sen. Whitney Westefield, R-Crofton.


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