Daniel Rodes Was Shown That Christians Would Try To Destroy Those Warning Of Coming Judgment



I saw Christians trying to destroy other Christians and I watched in horror as they tried to destroy all the prophets of God and all those who were warning against coming judgment. They were teaching their people not to listen to “prophets of doom,” but that Jesus loved them and they would be “raptured” before any evil happened to them. I watched as these people faced severe persecution and judgment that they were promised they would not see. They turned against those who taught them lies and cursed them to their face. Because of this deception, many so-called Christians turned against the true Christians and were ready to destroy anyone who practiced true Christianity.

I saw Christians persecuting each other, lying about each other and falsely accusing each other to such an extent that there was an angry spirit arising within the churches. They openly persecuted those who didn’t agree with their traditional standpoint. They were so deceived that they labeled churches who believed they need to live by the Bible way as cults. The churches that were unscriptural and those who were known as cults in the past became an accepted practice. The word of the Lord came to me saying, “You will hear people boldly, violently and with much hostility, accuse the righteous, holy, God-fearing people of being cult members because they believe in holiness.” The word of the Lord came to me again saying, “Persecution within the church causes division, confusion and much destruction, but persecution from without that comes from the world brings people together in unity and love and compassion one toward another. For this cause, severe persecution will come upon the American people. Because they willfully chose the way of division rather than unity, I will send persecution that will cause them to either turn against Me or turn to Me.


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