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God EXISTS and human consciousness is the proof – expert’s claim


God EXISTS and human consciousness is the proof – expert’s claim (Image: GETTY)

The brain remains a baffling subject, with scientists having more knowledge of the universe than they do the human brain. Consciousness, the ability to perceive and be aware of our surroundings, in particular, has confounded scientists for centuries, with there so far being an inability to define what exactly in our brain gives us this power.

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Trump signs social media executive order that calls for removal of liability protections over ‘censoring’

Flanked by Attorney General Bill Barr, President Trump signed an executive order in the Oval Office on Thursday that interprets Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act of 1996 (CDA) as not providing statutory liability protections for tech companies that engage in censorship and political conduct.

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Billions More Desert Locusts Devour Crops from India to Africa, Adding to Farmers’ Pandemic Woes

From India and Pakistan to Africa and the Middle East, farmers face a perfect storm. Already struggling with crippling coronavirus lockdowns, they face billions of locusts devouring crops and putting millions at risk.

The scenes out of parts of northern and central India this week were alarming to watch as billions of desert locusts descended on several states

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Israeli Scientists Claim Two Drugs, Already Used to Treat Gaucher’s Disease, Can Treat COVID-19

(Jerusalem, Israel) — [CBN News] The Ministry of Defense-run Israel Institute for Biological Research (IIBR) says two drugs designed to treat Gaucher’s disease could also be an effective treatment against COVID-19. (Image: via CBN News)

Gaucher’s disease is a genetic disorder that causes a fatty tissue to build up in certain organs, especially the liver and spleen. The fatty substances cause the organs to become enlarged and affect their function.

Researchers at the IIBR say two drugs used to treat Gaucher’s disease appear to inhibit viruses. The first drug is Cerdelga, which has already been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration. The second is Venglustat, which is in the process of being approved. 

The scientists found that together, the drugs led to “a significant reduction in the replication capacity of the corona virus and to the destruction of the infected cell,” the Defense Ministry Spokesperson said in a statement.

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