Maryland governor orders National Guard to protect 500,000 coronavirus tests at a secret location after they were flown in from South Korea amid fears federal government will try to CONFISCATE them

Governor of Maryland Larry Hogan revealed Thursday that the state’s National Guard is protecting 500,000 coronavirus tests flown in from South Korea at a secret location over concerns that the federal government will interfere and confiscate them.

Hogan and his Korean-born wife Yumi worked with South Korean authorities over 22 days to secure half a million tests for his state after conflict between governors and the Trump administration about the level of testing being made available.

The tests landed at Baltimore-Washington International Airport on April 18 where Hogan revealed the National Guard and state police had established a ‘Fort Knox’ like protection over them.

This was the first Korean Air plane to ever land in the airport as the governor said he wanted to avoid the tests having to cross over state lines because of previous reports of the federal government interjecting to confiscate equipment.

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