The ‘new normal’ and the emerging Beast government

After reading Cherie Zaslawsky’s great article “Beware the New Normal” yesterday on Canada Free Press, it suddenly struck me that the dystopian “new normal” of COVID-19 really IS normal from the perspective of the leftist elites, and all these blue-state governors and blue-city mayors reveling in their new dictatorial powers truly don’t have a clue what normal is for average Americans. They live in an ideological fantasy world where good is evil and evil good, family configurations are arbitrary, and people who disagree are witless boobs needing reeducation. They are sheltered from the reality of true morality, natural society and freedom of thought by a cocoon of comprehensive cradle-to-grave government provision (or their own “legacy wealth”) – so completely separated from the “old normal” that they can’t even connect the dots between the tax revenue they gorge themselves upon and the taxpayers who provide it.

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