New Documents Reveal Mastermind Behind Flynn Scheme


Newly-released documents are revealing just how far the scheme against Michael Flynn was. The DOJ was monitoring his phone calls without his knowledge. They set up the man, accused him of lying, all to coerce him to turn on President Trump. Now we have learned a shocking fact that takes this scheme all the way to the top. Turns out, Obama himself knew about the plan.

The scheme hatched by the deep state to take down President Trump is long and tangled. But it boils down to this: Democrats in the DOJ used Hillary Clinton’s phony dossier as the basis for accusing Trump of colluding with Russia. The problem? There was no real evidence that Trump did anything wrong.

But that’s okay! Because career politicians and investigators know all about how to make it look like someone is guilty. If they could entrap Trump’s allies, it would give the media an excuse to spread rumor and controversy. That would be enough for Democrats in Congress to attack.

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