House Bill 6666 Calls for Contact Tracing – Will You Be Tracked?

Health experts have long used contact tracing to stop epidemics like Ebola. And they’re trying to use it to stop COVID-19. But getting enough Americans to cooperate so that it works effectively will be tough.

The CDC gives contact tracing the creepy term of “public health surveillance.” Using either Bluetooth or location services on your phone, contact tracing apps record who we’ve been in contact with, in case people nearby have COVID-19.

Nations like Singapore are already using it. An ad for it tries to reassure citizens by telling them, “Get peace of mind for you and your family through community-driven contact tracing. Tracing together helps contact tracers notify you more quickly.”

Now, House Bill 6666, the COVID-19 Testing, Reaching, And Contacting Everyone or TRACE Act, would give $100 billion to local organizations to help with testing and contact tracing by funding door-to-door outreach.

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