A Mysterious Rhythm Is Coming From Another Galaxy

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  • For about four days, the radio waves would arrive at random. Then, for the next 12, nothing.

Then, another four days of haphazard pulses. Followed by another 12 days of silence.

The pattern—the well-defined swings from frenzy to stillness and back again—persisted like clockwork for more than a year.

Dongzi Li, a doctoral student at the University of Toronto, started tracking these signals in 2019. She works on a Canadian-led project, CHIME, that studies astrophysical phenomena called “fast radio bursts.” These invisible flashes, known as FRBs for short, reach Earth from all directions in space. They show up without warning and flash for a few milliseconds, matching the radiance of entire galaxies.

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“It Is Going To Resemble A Mad Max Movie” – A Commodities Broker Was Shown A Vision Of “The Perfect Storm” That Is Coming To America

In 2007, a commodities broker named Steve Meyers had a vision that changed his life forever.  He was shown great judgments that are coming to America, and what he witnessed shook him to the core.  At the time, he told his friends that what we are going to go through will be like “a Mad Max movie”, and that certainly is not an exaggeration.  As I document on this website on a regular basis, so many other men and women of God all over the globe have had similar experiences.  America is headed for the hardest times that it has ever seen, and most people will be completely blind-sided by what is coming.

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Biden criticizes Trump for inaction over reported Russian bounties

WASHINGTON, June 27 (Reuters) – The White House on Saturday denied that President Donald Trump was briefed on reported U.S. intelligence that Russia’s military offered bounties to Taliban-linked militants to kill U.S. troops in Afghanistan, with Democratic rival Joe Biden criticizing Trump for failing to take action against Moscow

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President Trump Asks Supreme Court to Overturn Obamacare, Which Funds Abortions

President Donald Trump has asked the Supreme Court to overturn Obamacare, which forces Americans to fund killing babies in abortions.

In a legal brief filed late Thursday night, the Trump administration argued that the individual mandate is not constitutional and that the entire law must therefore also be struck down.

“The individual mandate is not severable from the rest of the Act,” U.S. Solicitor General Noel Francisco and other Justice Department officials said in the brief. The administration argues the requirement to purchase health insurance was voided when Congress removed the noncompliance penalty in 2017.

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Atmospheric phenomenon: Rare red rainbow dome seen in skies above Birmingham, UK

Red Dome

Red rainbows are an extraordinarily rare sight, with Deborah Byrd writing in earthSky.org that she’s only seen the phenomenon once despite “decades of sky watching.” Abigail’s clip was uploaded onto YouTube by paranormal channel “Disclose Screen The Grimreefar” where it sparked dozens of wild theories. One suggested that the “matrix was breaking,” in reference to the blockbuster film where humans live in a simulation and the world is run by machines.

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Fauci: Next few weeks critical to tamping down virus spikes

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WASHINGTON (AP) — The next few weeks are critical to tamping down a disturbing coronavirus surge, Dr. Anthony Fauci told Congress on Tuesday — issuing a plea for people to avoid crowds and wear masks just hours before mask-shunning President Donald Trump was set to hold a campaign rally in one hot spot.

Fauci and other top health officials also said they have not been asked to slow down virus testing, in contrast to Trump’s claim last weekend that he had ordered fewer tests be performed because they were uncovering too many infections. Trump said earlier Tuesday that he wasn’t kidding when he made that remark.

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Juneteenth: the Day the Emancipation Proclamation Took Hold in Texas Signaling the End of Slavery in America

[Breakpoint.org] Even as we recognize the decidedly imperfect record of American history regarding race in the years after that first Juneteenth, and even as we continue to struggle with slavery’s legacy and its effects down to today, we can and should take the time to honor this wonderful day and to be inspired by its example to work for a more perfect union in our time… Subscribe for free to Breaking Christian News here Click here to read. (Image: via Break Point)

In the photo above, we see a group of people out in their “Sunday best” for a very good reason. They’re celebrating a great victory for human dignity, one for the likes of which there are few comparisons in history. Given their advanced age, the Southern locale, and the year of 1900, it’s almost certain some or all of them had once been slaves. But, they are slaves no more, and this is something that they and we have every reason to remember with joy.

Juneteenth is something few of us recall but all of us should celebrate. Even though it’s on the books as an official holiday in dozens of states, most of the time it’s barely noticed outside the African American community, and sometimes not even there. Growing up in Dixie, where seemingly every other facet of history relating to the Civil War is remembered and revered, I can’t say as I ever heard anyone mention Juneteenth until well into adulthood. Having since migrated across the Midwest and now West, I don’t know that I’d have known much about it no matter where I’d been raised.

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Double Standard

OPINION: In today’s society there seems to be a misunderstanding of the meaning of double standard. The definition of ‘Double Standard’ is as follows: A double standard is a code or policy that favors one group or person over another. Double standards are unfair. … A standard is a way of evaluating someone, and a double standard is two-faced. It’s like having a rule that applies to some people one way and another way to others. -GWN


Written Judgments

“This is the hour for the gathering of the spoils. The wealth of the wicked will find its way into the hands of the righteous.  I will show My people how to strategize, and they will learn about the law of giving so they can walk in the law of receiving. This will be the day when I will raise up a new breed of entrepreneurs in the Church who will emerge in the 21st Century. They will be men and women who will start their own businesses at their own financial risk. They will be filled with faith so they will pastor their businesses successfully!”Written Judgments