Juneteenth: the Day the Emancipation Proclamation Took Hold in Texas Signaling the End of Slavery in America

[Breakpoint.org] Even as we recognize the decidedly imperfect record of American history regarding race in the years after that first Juneteenth, and even as we continue to struggle with slavery’s legacy and its effects down to today, we can and should take the time to honor this wonderful day and to be inspired by its example to work for a more perfect union in our time… Subscribe for free to Breaking Christian News here Click here to read. (Image: via Break Point)

In the photo above, we see a group of people out in their “Sunday best” for a very good reason. They’re celebrating a great victory for human dignity, one for the likes of which there are few comparisons in history. Given their advanced age, the Southern locale, and the year of 1900, it’s almost certain some or all of them had once been slaves. But, they are slaves no more, and this is something that they and we have every reason to remember with joy.

Juneteenth is something few of us recall but all of us should celebrate. Even though it’s on the books as an official holiday in dozens of states, most of the time it’s barely noticed outside the African American community, and sometimes not even there. Growing up in Dixie, where seemingly every other facet of history relating to the Civil War is remembered and revered, I can’t say as I ever heard anyone mention Juneteenth until well into adulthood. Having since migrated across the Midwest and now West, I don’t know that I’d have known much about it no matter where I’d been raised.

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