“It Is Going To Resemble A Mad Max Movie” – A Commodities Broker Was Shown A Vision Of “The Perfect Storm” That Is Coming To America

In 2007, a commodities broker named Steve Meyers had a vision that changed his life forever.  He was shown great judgments that are coming to America, and what he witnessed shook him to the core.  At the time, he told his friends that what we are going to go through will be like “a Mad Max movie”, and that certainly is not an exaggeration.  As I document on this website on a regular basis, so many other men and women of God all over the globe have had similar experiences.  America is headed for the hardest times that it has ever seen, and most people will be completely blind-sided by what is coming.

READ MORE HERE: http://themostimportantnews.com/archives/it-is-going-to-resemble-a-mad-max-movie-a-commodities-broker-was-shown-a-vision-of-the-perfect-storm-that-is-coming-to-america


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