Kentucky Gov Andy Beshear Targeted Christians for Attending Church, Let Abortion Clinic Open

Maryville Baptist Church filed its reply brief to the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals in the federal lawsuit against Governor Andy Beshear for violating its religious freedom by targeting churchgoers on Easter Sunday.

Liberty Counsel won an injunction pending appeal from the Court of Appeals and from the federal District Court granting the request for parking lot and in-person church services on behalf of the church and its pastor Dr. Jack Roberts. The March 19 and 25 orders issued by Gov. Beshear previously prohibited ALL religious services, while allowing many secular services. The executive orders clearly targeted religious services for discriminatory treatment. Under the orders, the church could hold meetings to feed, shelter, and provide social services to an unlimited number of people, but religious services were banned in the same building where non-religious services could be held.



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