‘I Choose To Be a Cyborg’: Why I Implanted Computer Chips in My Hands

I have computer chips in my hands.

The tiny (2 by 12 millimeters) glass ampules are nestled just under the skin on the back of each of my hands and were implanted by a local body piercer several years ago.

The chip in my right hand is a near-field communication device that I scan with an app on my smart phone to access and rewrite the information I have stored on it. It can contain a minuscule 888 kilobytes of data storage and only communicates with devices less than four centimetres away. In my left hand is a chip designed as a digital verification device that uses a proprietary app from the developer Vivokey.

The implant procedure is neither difficult nor extremely painful. I can feel the bump of the chips under my skin and often invite others to feel it. The bump does not protrude from the back of my hand — if I didn’t tell someone it was there, they would not be able to tell by sight that I had an implant. But they are not undetectable.

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