First Time Ever: Florida Police Chiefs Endorse President Trump

There is a lot to be said with how law enforcement agencies worldwide are flocking to support the only candidate who has stated he is for law and order.

The Democrats have made their point that they are for chaos and crime, while President Trump is for the country being secure. He alone has supported law enforcement men and women by giving them what they need to keep America safe.

Joe Biden hates the police. He will not come right and say that he supports them. He would rather tell people that significant reform is needed. His plan for the police agency around the country is nothing short of law and order disbanding. He looks to strip away the power entrusted to them to enforce the laws of America.

This is why the Florida Police Chiefs Association has stated that they support Donald Trump for the next four years. For the first time, this police association has thrown their hat in the ring for a Republican president. Biden has lost his last chance at getting at least one law enforcement endorsement.



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