Prominent Saudi journalist warns Biden would bring ‘chaos’ to world

President Trump’s administration recently brokered three Middle East peace agreements between Arab nations and Israel, and one prominent Saudi Arabian journalist is suggesting he be given time to do more.

Because the alternative is a return to Barack Obama’s “political, economic, and healthcare distortions” through the candidacy of his vice-president, Joe Biden.

In an era when foreign intervention in American elections is of prime concern, Saudi journalist Badr bin Sa’ud is openly advocating for one result.

“Biden served as vice president under Obama for eight years, and electing him means recreating the same experience, with all its accompanying political, economic, and healthcare distortions. In his campaign and in interviews, [Biden] stresses that U.S. administration’s priorities, [thereby] recalling its alliance with Qatar and the [Muslim Brotherhood][ as part of the failed Arab Spring plan, and its use of the Qatari Al-Jazeera channel and its Arab and English staff as a media arm for [promoting this plan] and sowing political and economic chaos and destruction in the Arab countries… The Arab Spring was bait that the Arabs swallowed. It wasn’t a natural historical episode, nor even a wave of social uprisings motivated by economic and political factors,” he wrote, according to a report from the Middle East Media Research Institute.



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