The Imperative of a Constitutional Presidential

by Newt Gingrich

Before a single state had certified the election, the propaganda media coronated Joe Biden as President-Elect.

Before the vote counting had even finished, the media closed ranks and rallied around Biden.

Before lawsuits had even been filed in six different states – and long before they would be resolved in court – the anti-Trump media had rejected them sight unseen and created the drumbeat that Trump should concede. (Of course, this is the same media that had been 93 percent negative in its coverage of his administration.)

Before the various states held canvasses and validated their vote counts, the news media began to complain that President Trump was refusing to play his role and surrender.

Yet, these complaints, this rush to judgement, and the creation of a psychological lynch mob mentality all miss the key point about a presidential election – it is a constitutional process with a deliberate, determined sequence of events designed to protect the presidency from mob rule.



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