AG Barr Takes On Voter Fraud With A Vengeance

From Election Day, up until now, reports have circulated that the election was less than fair and open. We’ve seen video of postal workers admitting to cheating, counting houses covering up windows, and political operatives revealing they harvest ballots. President Trump himself had warned for months of the dangers of voter fraud, yet our media has ignored him.

Right now, is the time to question everything we hear from the mainstream media. They’d be very glad if we just gave up and refused to fight. But there is too much smoke for us to ignore this fire. Democrats are trying to steal this election. Many say that if we don’t fight now, we’ll never have a fair election again.

Trump has vowed to fight this all the way to the Supreme Court, which he has. Investigations are brewing all over the country. Now, Attorney General Barr has released his prosecutors to go after the many reports of voter fraud.



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