The Thunderbolt of Justice has arrived

Exclusive: Scott Lively paints scenario of Trump SCOTUS victory and a return of nation to the people

Scott LivelyBy Scott Lively
Published December 10, 2020 at 7:42pm

About a month ago, I submitted a column to WND under the title “Justice that arrives like a thunderbolt,” but the editors changed it to “Bill Barr about to drop the hammer on vote fraud,” probably because I devoted several paragraphs to defending Barr’s apparent inaction on the election fraud scandals as a common prosecutor tactic in complex conspiracy cases.

Prosecutors and investigators need to let the conspiracy fully mature before they round up the crooks, and they can’t tip their hand prematurely. Letting himself look like a deep-state sell-out is actually great cover for Barr in the current political climate if he really intends to drop the hammer on them.



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