Cyber attack: Russia ‘now has playbook to take down U.S. energy grid’

Former top State adviser delivers warning after massive breach

Art MooreBy Art Moore
Published December 18, 2020 at 7:51pm

(Courtesy of Pixabay)

The massive cyber attack on major government agencies and Defense Department contractors could be a prelude to an attempt to take down the entire U.S. electric grid, warned a former senior State Department cybersecurity expert.

Morgan Wright told Fox Business host Lou Dobbs on Thursday it had “the hallmarks” of the Russian malware attack on Ukraine in December 2015 that took out power in 700,000 homes.

“They were practicing this in other areas. This is their kind of tradecraft,” he said.

Wright warned that Russia, by gaining access to top U.S. agencies, is “assessing our capabilities” and “vulnerabilities.”



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