Unity Watch: Nancy Pelosi Wants to Drag Trump Out of Office ‘By His Hair.’ This Poll Might Shock Her.

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Speaker Nancy Pelosi is getting more colorful with her language as we move closer to the presumed inauguration of Joe Biden in January. Now that the stimulus bill has passed, the claws are coming out. According to Politico over the weekend, she told her leadership staff, “I’m counting down the hours ‘til he’s gone. I plan to pull him out of there by his hair, his little hands and his feet.”

Oh, Nana. It might behoove you to reflect on your own current popularity. After barely maintaining her majority in the House, Pelosi was once again nominated to serve as Speaker next term. However, there is a not-so-insignificant portion of Americans who think her time is past. Even among Democrats, she holds a slim majority of support.

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