Persecution ahead: Time to prepare for the underground church

Exclusive: Scott Lively notes how closely America has gotten to ‘what the Soviets did’

Scott LivelyBy Scott Lively
Published January 19, 2021 at 7:35pm

While my last article took the optimistic view that America can yet be saved from our new Nazi overlords, the more likely scenario is a rapid descent into tyranny, which sooner or later will phase into the great tribulation of end-time prophecy.

COVID-19 was more than just a pretext for crashing the U.S. economy to take down Trump. It served to justify repressive police-state controls across the globe. The election-fraud campaign was about more than stealing the presidency. It produced the stunning abandonment of any pretense of fairness or due-process in the vicious enforcement of Marxist narratives by all the power players of the elites: a result that will likely not be reversed despite the coup being completed. The dystopian jack-booted surrealism of Baghdad Biden’s pending “inauguration” is more likely a glimpse at the “new normal” than just an historical aberration.

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