Prayer For The Nation

PRAY FOR THE UNITY OF OUR NATION. Truth is the foundation for unity. It would seem easier to go along with the times and get caught up in the current and live by lies, but we must let the truth dwell richly in us all. Pray that the truth of God will be upheld in our homes, our churches, our government, the media, education, and in the culture. ( John 14:6; 17:23; Philippians 2:2) Pray that the good news of the gospel and the hope that is found in Jesus Christ would be lifted up and embraced in America again. This is not a time to suppress or hide the hope that is within us but instead pray for boldness to share the gospel and that God would open the hearts of others to receive the peace of Christ and glorify His name that is above every name. (1 Peter 3:15; Philippians 2:9-10)

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