Biden’s Hypocrisy Begins to Cripple Presidency Just 3 Days In

Biden's Hypocrisy Begins to Cripple Presidency Just 3 Days In

( – It’s only three days into the Joe Biden presidency and the cracks are already beginning to show. While the new president signs executive order after order establishing new rules, it appears he’s taking after Democrats by being inconsistent with them. Sometimes, Biden violates orders that are unimportant to him. At other times, it appears there are differing standards for conservatives who break the law and anarchists on the left who don’t even believe there are laws.

If there is one thing that makes people upset, it’s hypocrisy. America is at a crossroads. The last thing the nation needs is a “do as I say, not as I do leader.” Americans want a president who is consistent, tells it to them straight and practices what he preaches. America must demand better than what we are getting from our leaders.

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