Open letter to President Trump

Exclusive: Patrice Lewis tells ’45’ he did ‘something no politician has ever done’

Patrice LewisBy Patrice Lewis
Published January 29, 2021 at 7:38pm

At various times over the last four years, I’ve wished I could communicate directly with President Trump to express my gratitude. Then it occurred to me: I have this column as a platform. While I have no hope he will actually see this editorial, I would like to submit an open letter to the president.

Dear President Trump:

We voted for you because you promised not to be a politician. You proved yourself by doing something no politician has ever done: You kept your campaign promises.

When you first took office, you didn’t whine that you inherited a sucky economy (which you did). You didn’t claim there was nothing you could do to fix it. Instead, you rolled up your sleeves – and fixed it. Tens of millions of Americans found jobs that sustained their dignity. The economy roared. Did the left give you credit for that? Of course not.

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