Upgraded Iron Dome Defeats Drones & Rockets In Test

The attacks by different types of threats was modeled on Iranian tactics. Now the US will get the same upgrades.

By   ARIE EGOZIon March 16, 2021 at 2:50 PM

Israeli MOD photo

Launch of Qinetiq Banshee target drone

TEL AVIV: The Israeli Iron Dome tested out its latest upgrades in recent tests, taking out every target in a mixed swarm of drones and rockets.

The new upgrades will be rapidly installed on existing Israeli units at the border and on two Iron Dome batteries sold to the US Army.

The threat scenarios, with multiple simultaneous targets of different types coming in at once, were modeled on the latest Israeli military intelligence. Besides the mix of rockets and drones – specifically Qinetiq Banshees – there were also salvos of multiple simultaneously inbound rockets. “Israel is closely following the new products of the Iranian military industry and according to that takes the needed steps,” a source told Breaking Defense.

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