Warning Signs: This Government Is Rapidly Moving America to Socialism

There are many warnings that progressive policies could rapidly move America towards socialism and away from certain liberties and a free market society. These signals of socialist-like moves became louder as Democrats won the White House and majorities in both houses of Congress.

In Socialists Don’t Sleep, Cheryl Chumley literally wrote the book on these threats. She sees the signs in the new administration, especially President Biden taking unilateral control rapidly through executive orders.

Biden’s Executive Order Signing is a Sign

Chumley told CBN News, “If one marker of Socialism is an overburdensome, overreaching government, then a president who spends his first couple of weeks in office doing nothing but signing executive orders is certainly advancing Socialist principles.”
Financial Issues” radio and TV host Dan Celia pointed out how backers of Socialism try to strike quickly because it’s often unpopular with the people.

“Any time Socialism has entered into a government, an economy, it moved very quickly,” Celia asserted. “And I got to tell you, there are things moving in lightning speed right now. They have to move fast because they can’t allow anybody to realize it and try to correct it.”
Socialists Strike Quickly: Keystone Pipeline Killed First Thing

Both Chumley and Celia see this in Biden’s early move to immediately stop the Keystone pipeline project, part of a broader plan to dominate the energy sector.
Celia stated, “They did it – again – rapid pace, no explanation, no legislation, no accountability from the state-run media.”
“You have this shuttering of a free market venture that employed up to 11,000 people,” Chumley commented. “And then on the other hand, you have a government takeover using tax dollars of a sector that was being developed in the private sector. So look at that. That’s pure Socialism right there.”

Celia saw killing the pipeline as President Biden sending an immediate message about opposing fossil fuels to his most radical supporters: “Saying to the Far Left ‘we’re going to do what President Obama tried to do, and we’re just going to keep it in the ground. We don’t want any oil. We don’t want oil traveling. We don’t want any fossil fuel.”

Socialists Not Usually Free Speech Fans

On another front, Celia directly connects the silencing, censoring, and de-platforming of the Right with Socialist thinking. 
“That should have everybody very, very scared,” Celia warned. “Taking away free speech unless you’re Far Left: if they are willing to come out of the chute attacking that now, what’s in store?”

Chumley detects Socialism behind moves like imposing the Equality Act. It will take power from parents and religious believers and give it to the LGBTQ community and government authorities.

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