The Temple Will Be Rebuilt on the Temple Mount in Our Generation and No Terror Can or Will Stop It!

The Government of Israel Gave-up the Last Pieces of Israeli Sovereignty on the Holy Temple Mount by a Shameful Agreement

Building the Third Temple

Building the Third Temple [Source: Times of Israel]

After one month of terror the PM of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, surrendered to the barbaric and cruel Arab terror and gave up by a shameful agreement with King Abdullah, the Wakf and US Secretary of State John Kerry the last pieces of sovereignty of Israel on the Holy Temple Mount, the location of the First, Second, and soon to be built Third Holy Temple. More than this, for the first time since 1967, the Israeli government confirmed by an agreement this shameful situation. The shameful situation that Jews are not allowed to ascend the most holy place of the Jewish people, Jews are not allowed to enter the Temple Mount with tallit, tefillin, or prayer books; they can not even move their lips with a silent prayer. These are called ‘provocations’ and are now confirmed by official agreement.

The flag of Israel is forbidden and considered as a ‘provocation’ while the flags of Hamas, the PLO, even the flag of ISIS, and the flags of the Arab countries are on the Holy Temple Mount and now confirmed by an official agreement.

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