2024 blowout brewing: Trump crushing Biden with astonishing lead

Results follow months of bad polls for Biden since withdrawal from Afghanistan

WND News ServicesBy WND News Services
Published November 24, 2021 at 3:44pm

(WASHINGTON EXAMINER) — In what would be one of the biggest political comebacks in American history, former President Donald Trump has surged into a double-digit lead over President Joe Biden in the latest 2024 matchup poll.

In today’s Rasmussen Reports survey, likely voters picked Trump to beat Biden, 45% to 32% if the election were held today, a gap that is even higher among independents who have become the critical swing group. They chose Trump 47%-20%.

Rasmussen reported a sizable number of voters who want someone else, at 17%, and just 6% said they were on the fence. Also: 15% of Democrats said they’d vote for Trump compared to 8% of Republicans who’d pick Biden.

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