Dems make stunning admission: Entire brand suddenly ‘a wreck’

‘Voters couldn’t name anything’ the party has accomplished

Bob UnruhBy Bob Unruh
Published November 28, 2021 at 9:21am

President Joe Biden arrives to lay a wreath and observes a moment of silence on Wednesday, April 14, 2021, at Arlington, National Cemetery in Arlington, Virginia. (Official White House photo by Cameron Smith)

Democrats have determined that their “entire brand” is “a wreck.”

That’s according to a Politico report that explained how party strategists descended on Virginia after their candidate for governor, Terry McAuliffe, bombed badly.

In addition, approval ratings for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have been abysmal, and the GOP is expected by many analysts to take over control of both the House and Senate next year.

Some have even openly speculated IF, not how, Biden will finish his term.

Those strategists, the report said, found something “even worse than expected. The problems cut far deeper than the failings of their gubernatorial nominee, Terry McAuliffe, or President Joe Biden’s flagging approval ratings. Rather, the Democratic Party’s entire brand was a wreck.”

“Voters couldn’t name anything that Democrats had done, except a few who said we passed the infrastructure bill,” the center-left group Third Way and its pollsters said in a report.

Politico said it obtained a copy of the report.

“Most of the voters Third Way spoke with in suburban Virginia focus groups, according to the report, ‘could not articulate what Democrats stand for. They could also not say what they are doing in Washington, besides fighting,'” the report said.Is the Democratic Party brand ‘a wreck’?Yes No  Completing this poll entitles you to WND news updates free of charge. You may opt out at anytime. You also agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

And those are the ones who voted for Biden.

The result is that Democrats are “confronting an identity crisis.”

In fact, the report said one strategist “who advises major donors” concluded, “Too late. We’re f—–.”

Politico reported, “The findings in Virginia fall in line with public and private polling nationally in recent weeks. Biden’s approval rating, a measure closely tied to a party’s performance in the midterms, has fallen to below 43 percent, according to the FiveThirtyEight polling average. That’s far worse than Barack Obama’s was at this point in his presidency, prior to the Democrats’ midterm wipe-out in 2010.”

In fact, some polls have had Biden’s approval in the mid to upper 30s, and Harris’ a full 10 points lower.

Polls also show Americans picking Republicans over Democrats on ballots, and 60% saying Biden has the country on the wrong track.

“Voters believe the economy is bad, and no amount of stats can change their mind (at least in the short term),” the Third Way report said. “Jobs numbers, wage numbers, and the number of people we’ve put back to work don’t move them. We should still talk about these (more the wage and back-to-work numbers), but we should realize that they will have limited impact when people are seeing help wanted signs all over main street, restaurant sections closed for lack of workers, rising prices, and supply disruptions. Even where things are getting better, Biden doesn’t get credit.”



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