Socialism on the Rise?


By Cornelius Duncan

Perpetrated by Joe Biden and the destructive agenda of Democrats, systemic socialism is not on the rise in America anymore it is already here. Recent events of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, current gas prices heading toward $6 per gallon +, a multi-trillion dollar socialist spending plan, halting the border wall, including a historical inflation rate that all seems to be the beginning of the end in this once great Empire of the West.

Americans who love this country should not loose sight of their freedom through votes of destruction that occurred in the rigged election of 2020. This is a plea to search your heart in the midterm elections that are coming up quickly. A plea in refusing to allow socialist Democrats to kill the American Dream that has been blessed by Almighty God. A socialist government that creates redistribution of wealth, one that attacks religion and religious freedom, loss of free speech and more of all the wrong things. This is the path the Biden agenda is taking us. It is time to take a different stand for real freedom. Our freedom comes only in the right vote of patriotism.

We need strong leaders with a strong voice in Washington who stand up for the American people and for freedom. Leaders who realize that freedom comes from God not from a tyrannical, socialist government. Patriotic conservatives who are not afraid to confront the deadly lies about injustices of socialism and poverty.

In the midterm elections the plea is to take a stand in our fight for freedom and vote for the American Dream. The American Dream that provides prosperity and greatness of Godly people.   


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