Radical Democrats Extremist Agenda

The American people should have no problem seeing the destructive Biden Administration agenda in action for over a year, and it is every bit as bad as Republicans feared, and warned Americans it would be.

Open borders and a humanitarian crisis of Biden’s own making at the southern border that could have been avoided;

Destroying good-paying jobs today for vague promises of jobs tomorrow;

Raging inflation driving up the cost of gorceries along with higher energy prices; Reverting to a failed foreign policy that led to the deadly and disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal and now Russia’s omnvasion of Ukraine and;

Using their toxic cancel culture to silence critics who disagree with their Liberal policies that erode our liberties and constitutional rights.

But Biden and his Far-Left cronies misjudge the millions of Americans who appose his radical policies and support the Republican Party’s commonsense principles of limited government, lower taxes and spending, economic opportunity for all and protecting individual freedom. -RNC


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