Gospel World News Inc, (GWN Global Network)

GOSPEL WORLD NEWS INC is a Media/News Organization established to help people understand more clearly the signs that point to the second coming of JESUS CHRIST, and how CHRIST’s Return relates to current events taking place, in the News, around the world. Most recent occurrences including, the reestablishment, protection, and GOD’s defense of Israel have all become Prophetic Signs in the News. The Word of GOD is also the Good News of the Gospel of JESUS CHRIST which is found in the pages of Scripture and placed within Gospel World News, Inc. on social media platforms. Our goal at Gospel World News, Inc is to spread the Gospel of JESUS CHRIST, and keep you informed of current events that affect us all each day and prepare us for that great day of the second coming of JESUS CHRIST. GET ON BOARD THE TRAIN IS LEAVING SOON FOR THE KINGDOM OF GOD. -Cornelius Duncan


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